Narcos Season 2 review


Waited so so so long for season 2 and its finally here! 

There is something about season 2 that i really enjoy,the first half of the season cut through quick and fast and gets to the point really great and the second half was slower but in a good way because it made Escobar’s fall & imminent death thoroughly felt, i loved that the first episode straight away begun from where season 1 left off, which is la catedral getting invaded by special forces in attempt to capture Pablo Escobar and move him to a real prison instead of the paradise he built for himself, but of course, he escaped…

In General – the fall of Escobar/Medellin cartel & rise of the Cali Cartel

This time, i felt things get a lot more brutal, i’d somehow get jump-scared a lot for certain sudden deaths. As the season progresses, it was great to see the walls closing in on Escobar and his band of merry mates, even the most loyal of his crew ended up snitching because loyalty is nothing when your ass is on the line. Also, the rising amount of enemies Escobar makes that aren’t part of the government, makes it so much more claustrophobic as the downfall becomes clearer and clearer, the Cali cartel, the Castanos/Los Pepes and Judy Moncada. The attorney general, balances out the government’s death warrant by being someone who still believed that Escobar deserves his rights as a citizen despite the horrors, which i thought was drumming up to a better more forceful play, but never seemed to come into fruition, but his efforts led to interesting situations. And is it me or did Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook) take more of a backseat this season? I also didn’t quite understand why that ex-CIA agent, got in between Pena’s deal with Judy, calling Pena’s attempt at trying to shut down the Cali Cartel via Judy’s snitching “extremely naive” but that might be because i have no idea how this war on drugs (from the perspective of the american government) works.

What i loved

Tata, Escobar’s wife, gets a much more significant role this season, it makes so much more sense, and it helps us throughly feel the constant danger, the actress was fantastic in her portrayal. Tata was so admirable because of her loyalty, love for Pablo, braveness, smart and strong in face of the ugliness and the tear down. That scene right before Pablo was talking about how great he is feeling, when she knew she was hearing his voice for the last time as he told her that something strange is happening outside…euuh, heartbreaking.

Messina, newly in charge of the DEA agents, sadly didn’t have much screen time or significance in my opinion, the moment she had her first significant conversation with Pena, i was excited by how she was gonna pan out throughout the season. She was great, always having her agents’ back, but ultimately got her relocated, which was a pity.

Poor Maritza.  Here’s what happened: Limon, a regular cab driver for prostitutes because he was always parked outside a brothel, was hired to be Escobar’s chauffeur by one of his top sicarios, la quica (a regular at the brothel), due to his clean record. In order to prevent any suspicion, Limon decided to ask one of his good friends, Maritza, a young mom, to pretend being a passenger in his cab while unknown to her who (Escobar) was being transported in the trunk. Although, she was blindfolded, she unintentionally found out by overhearing a conversation.

Unfortunately, one of the prostitutes decided to earn an extra buck, and leaked the location of la quica which backfired and la quica took revenge by killing all the prostitutes in that brothel and the last on his list was, Maritza. When Limon found out, he tried to dissuade la quica and even kept quiet when he found Maritza hiding under the table. 

In attempt to end the hunt, Limon, who was petrified by the horrors of being part of Escobar’s crew, struck a deal with Maritza. Since he was the chauffeur, he is gonna leak the next destination to Maritza and she would leak it to the DEA in exchange for visas to America for the both of them. Simple, right? No, Limon double-crossed and set up the ambush that ultimately killed Horatio Carrillo, commander of Search Bloc, the only man Escobar feared due to his relentless pursuit & fearlessness. By the time Maritza found out she had been betrayed, she ended up being ‘saved’, Limon had set it up to seem she helped Escobar and so she no longer had a hit on her head plus a lot of cash as a reward.

But she did betray the DEA, and allowed the mass murder of many officers. So, she had to help score a win to even things out or go to jail. She did by leading the DEA to a few of Escobar’s sicarios, thinking she may earn a visa to america, but nope that’s not how it works, and had to go back in hiding just in case.

By the time Escobar had only 1 man on his crew, Limon, his cash was dwindling, so he asked Limon to go dig up half a million he hid somewhere, but the money had all rotted. Limon, in a moment of creativity, decided to break into Maritza’s house and steal whatever money she had left from her reward. After he found $6000+, Maritza started to berate his character and even threatening to turn him in for the reward money as he left, but i guess, in his ego, he turned around and pointed a gun at her, she continued attacking him but also saying he would never hurt her & so he shot her in the chest, in front of her toddler, threw some cash at her and left. So, unfair, she was innocent throughout! I really enjoyed her side story & was constantly rooting for her!

The Humanisation Of Pablo & Wagner Moura’s acting chops. It came to a point i felt bittersweet about his death, and was hoping he would have a better end. And right before his death, that scene of him walking around the neighbourhood like a free man, eating ice cream, directly talking to a police officer and sitting at the park talking to his dead cousin, Gustavo. That scene was beautiful for those of us who still saw him as a human & for a guy who was once Paisa Robin Hood, where Medellin was his home. The funny thing is he wouldn’t have died, if he didn’t constantly keep in contact with his wife and kids, he could still be alive today. AND OH MY MR MOURA, he is a really good actor, its such a pity his character is dead but i think he must be glad in some ways, cause he had to gain 40 pounds, speak Spanish, and keep his head in a really dark place for the show.

The actual Steve Murphy & Javier Pena. They clinked glasses in their cameo while the death of Escobar was being revealed to everyone. 

Horrific Moments

One of them being the search bloc ambush, where Horacio Carrillo, who had become really ruthless in his methods, gets a bullet in his head by Escobar, all thanks to Limon. I really did not see that double-crossing coming.

When Judy Moncada’s brother got shot.

When Hermilda’s teenage bodyguard got shot.

When Carrillo shot a kid in cold blood.

When Maritza got shot.

When the car bomb went off, and killed dozens.

Every Los Pepes’s ‘colombian folk art’.

The reaction of Hermilda & Tata upon finding out Escobar had died. A mother just lost her son, and everybody around her was celebrating for his death.

December 2 1993, a day after his birthday.

One of Forbes richest man in the world, a king, yet he died in such an undignified manner, because, all because he was still ultimately…a bandito.

‘ All that time hunting him, and just like that, I’m looking down at Pablo fucking Escobar. For years I’ve been building up this son of a bitch in my head. What a monster he’d be. But here’s the thing. When you lay eye’s on him, the devil’s a real letdown. Just a man. Beard grows if he doesn’t shave. Fat and shoeless. You take a good long look at evil and it reminds you of one…’

And last but not least, Hermilda standing up for her son even in light of all the horrible things he had done, telling everyone he was a good and noble man who was only painted evil by the press and government… Unless Escobar’s story is actually a well-executed conspiracy by the government, the delusion is haunting and heartbreaking.


It was awesome, nothing to hate except Wagner Moura leaving, and Netfix hasn’t green lit a season 3 yet, tskk. But i do worry about how different the show will feel, because in season 1 and 2, Escobar represented the Medellin cartel, the way he operates, treats his familys, his crew, made viewers more empathetic towards him because he is essentially the personification of the cartel. But if season 3 does happens, it will focus on the Cali cartel, the organisation as a whole. Its a lot harder to feel empathetic for an organisation than a person. I am excited nonetheless, and if it gets green lit, here’s to another year’s wait. (UPDATE: 6th September 2016, Narcos has been renewed for a third and fourth season) Salud!

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