Nice things August brings.

wp-1472708131923.pngI am always excited about new things, even if it is super boring like buying a face wash that was on some must-buy list. So, here are some things i got in August!

Books: The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo (Amy Schumer), Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children (Randsom Riggs) & Mapping The Mind (Rita Carter)wp-1472202587541.png

The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo: I do not exactly remember when i became a fan of Amy Schumer’s comedy, i think it was just randomly coming across one of her comedy central sketches on YouTube in early 2015! My favourite is def Last F**kable Day (featuring comedic legends Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Tina Fey) & Time Travel, the jokes are solid and just pure hilarity. So, falling in love with Schumer’s brand of humour led me to the purchase of her memoir. P.S I can’t wait for the return of VEEP, watching JLD do what she does best (comedy acting) is highly motivational & energising.

ANYWAYS, the book is quite an eye opener on Amy Schumer’s life, like most comedians, the desire to make people laugh bred from a depressing backstory/circumstance (according to Sick In The Head by Judd Apatow, every comedian, except Jimmy Fallon, had some sad story behind what drove them into comedy). The book isn’t littered with grade A jokes, but more like a new friend with a sense of humour about darker things, cutting through the small talk and telling you her life story. Her life wasn’t all sunshine (sexually assaulted, domestic abuse, father with multiple sclerosis, unstable family), it was in this grey-area where she isn’t exactly blessed/lucky but you wouldn’t say that her life never stood a chance. I really do enjoy reading the book, getting to know one of my favourite comedians is just so wonderful and inspiring to me! AND I TOTALLY PREDICTED THAT SHE WASN’T AS PROMISCUOUS AS SHE PROJECTED. Her stand-ups are always filled with sex jokes, but i just somehow knew that it was just a persona she was characterising because it was such a taboo for a woman to talk about sex, and its so amusing to see it done IN FRONT OF A CROWD. 

Rating: 4/5  

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children: So far so good, haven’t completely burned through it yet but i’ll probably dedicate a post to it later on.

Mapping The Mind: I actually bought this book because i saw that it had a bunch of MRI scans, CAT scans used in the attempt to map the mind (evidence-based), i have not started reading it fully yet but its more for curious reading and i’ll probably read it only after i finish the books on my reading list!

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Pewter (Key ring)wp-1472541733608.jpg

I think they released these because there is a new book in the HP series! Cursed child i hear. They also have the medals/badges for Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. I got mine at kinokuniya and its really cool!

Whiper Mini Roller Correction Tapewp-1472541839162.jpg

I got this for $15.90 and its so cute! 4 correction tapes + 8 refills, its so much cheaper because i think 1 correction tape + 1 refill is $4.20?

Giraffe print fleece blanketwp-1472705027190.png

After talking about it for almost years, i finally bought myself a new BIGGER fleece blanket (FYI, bigger means heavier means a little too hot for Singapore weather ): ). Has anyone ever had it? They sell it in various areas, AND I LOVE IT BECAUSE ITS SO COMFORTABLE TO TOUCH! SOFT AND FLUFFY. My mom got one for me super long ago and i was always frustrated by how it cant cover my whole body because what if my exposed feet ends up looking like an invitation for a supernatural being to grab it!? err. NO


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