Outlast 2 predictions, speculations, review.

(scroll down below to skip my personal speculation and read the actual events of outlast 2 instead) HEY PEOPLE! URGH I AM SO PUMPED!  I am just so freaking excited for outlast 2 to come out, I am seriously obsessed with the whole outlast story! I’ve watched pewdiepie, markiplier and now jacksepticeye play the outlast,… Continue reading Outlast 2 predictions, speculations, review.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus

THE BEAUTIFUL THE FANTASTIC JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS Cue clapping, standing ovation and fanfare. JLD won her fifth consecutive Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series Emmy for Veep (Note: Veep only has 5 seasons so far, so YEAH) This immensely talented, funny and poised woman took home the statue but left a great speech behind. With Veep being… Continue reading Julia Louis-Dreyfus


A noodle story: Singapore-styled Ramen

My mom and her friend tried it out and she raved to me how delicious it was and of course i had to give it a shot! Located in a hawker center near Tanjong Pagar, a long queue is to be expected if you go during office lunch hours, so GO EARLY IF YOU WANT… Continue reading A noodle story: Singapore-styled Ramen