Outlast 2 predictions, speculations, review.

(scroll down below to skip my personal speculation and read the actual events of outlast 2 instead) HEY PEOPLE! URGH I AM SO PUMPED!  I am just so freaking excited for outlast 2 to come out, I am seriously obsessed with the whole outlast story! I've watched pewdiepie, markiplier and now jacksepticeye play the outlast, …

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Ear piercing @ B*dazzle

Hi! AFTER 7 YEARS I FINALLY PIERCED MY EARS AGAIN. WOOP. Back when i was in probably secondary 2 (14yo), i got my right ear pierced at this mall near ehub. Its the one where you take 89 to pasir ris and its the mall you have to walk through to get to ehub. I …

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus

THE BEAUTIFUL THE FANTASTIC JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS Cue clapping, standing ovation and fanfare. JLD won her fifth consecutive Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series Emmy for Veep (Note: Veep only has 5 seasons so far, so YEAH) This immensely talented, funny and poised woman took home the statue but left a great speech behind. With Veep being …

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