Short | Reading

when i was younger i saw my daddy cry and curse at the wind….JKJKJKJK i was typing and couldn’t helped but think of the song (lyrics of the only exception)

OKAY, When i was younger, i loved to read, the most prominent memory is reading Mr Midnight and A Series of Unfortunate Events, (Lemony Snicket,the author, has since published new books in which i did not purchase for reasons i will reveal later AND i hear there is gonna be a new TV show based on the book with NEIL PATRICK HARRIS YESSSS THE LEGENDARY MAN. He is going to be so perfect for the role, psychopath with an odd sense of humor!) both of which are fictional works. I’d choose any book with a nice cover, which is honestly so stupid because of the quote ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ , but i’d read anything.

After i grew older, i grew out of reading almost abruptly and entirely.

Recently, like maybe a year ago i started reading again, i mean i have been buying fiction books over the years, but i am so uninterested in reading i literally just leave them and never read which is how i realised i completely lost interest & eventually stopped. My home library is FILLED with amazing amazing books, i feel so guilty that i don’t read them, SO IF ANYONE WANTS TO COME BY MY HOUSE AND BORROW A BOOK!

ANYWAAYS, so the books i DO read recently, are oddly all by comedians, Amy Poehler (Yes Please), Judd Apatow (Sick In The Head), Aziz Ansari (Modern Romance), and most recently Amy Schumer (The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo & the only book i have read to completion since) and all the other books i bought are either science-related or educational. so ALL NON-FICTION.

I wondered why i stopped reading? and i know if i was in school right now I DEFINITELY WOULDN’T BE READING, cause i would probably be too busy stressing out and fighting the feeling of giving up ): Maybe, that was it? maybe other things eventually started taking precedence, and every quiet moment i could have is used to just DISENGAGE my mind.   

or maybe fictional books just no longer served any purpose, because its not real and its not relatable?

SO AFTER A MILLION, I’M READING MY FIRST FICTION BOOK: Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children, also its movie is due soon! I’m on my 3rd page & i hope i can stick it all the way to the end, it received tons and tons of praise, so fingers crossed LET’S SEE IF I CAN REDISCOVER THE JOY OF READING STORIES AGAIN. 

P.S. if you are like me and have a short attention span, but likes a good story, you should read the Grimm’s Fairy Tales. They are awesome, they have them in various prints and sizes, i got a pocket-sized one which i love, and a bible-thick one.


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