Horror Dreamgame

I just had the MOST INSANE DREAM EVER. one of pure horror. Sadly like all dreams i cannot remember the whole thing. Weirdly, i did not watch anything related to horror the past few days, so this dream is actually quite abrupt.

In my dream, i somehow knew i was inside a gameplay which i thought was OUTLAST (the actual game was barely anything like that), it was actually more heavily like THE EVIL WITHIN, it was insanely scary because its almost like virtual reality and i was a man with a daughter and just when we thought the game was ending…


It was night time, while i was resting my daughter ran off to go listen to the meeting between the royals in the dimly lit hall of the palace (kinda like roman times), but calm waters suddenly turned to a major disagreement and falling out between the 2 in power, a slaughter immediately ensued, searching for my daughter, i saw her screaming for me so i immediately went and grabbed her. And right in front of us people were getting shot to death, so we just kept running.

The halls resembled something like that but lower height with no ceiling on the inside rectangular space.

(Keep in mind, that in my dream, the game was nearing the end, so i knew that as long as i kept running, i didn’t need to dodge bullets and if no one in high power would catch up to me, i would be fine, so at this point it was just letting the gamestory run its course)

So we ran right out of the palace, i remember my steps being so heavy because i was carrying my daughter BUT MOSTLY LIKELY BECAUSE YOU CAN NEVER FREAKING RUN IN A HORROR DREAM, YOUR LEGS ALWAYS FEEL LIKE LEAD, we ran into this place where it looked almost like a beach by the road, so if you looked at it from an aerial view from left to right it would be sea, beach, road and dense forest, and i was just running alongside road leaning towards the side of the forest. I eventually ended up at this low ceiling cluster of warehouses.

When i saw people approaching (a few of the warehouse workers) i decided to hide myself and my daughter under a tarp because its best to trust no one at this point. It was cold i was scared but momentarily relieved to be at rest. Then i overheard them talking 

“Hey you heard about the fallout at the palace”

“Oh yeah, what kind of mother would eat her children “ (maybe what started the first haunting?)

“That’s messed up “

(I know it makes no sense, but this dream had somewhat of  a supernatural aspect to it, the game started when the palace was in some sort of i-cant-remember-what chaos, haunting the inhabitants/natives, but after the spirit ancestors in power were appeased,  and chaos thought to be resolved, a falling out happened again, and the 2 separate sides seem to be possessed by the spirits of the past to unleash malice and destruction. like game of thrones dramatic, i’m not doing my dream justice but the whole dream was, i swear, like an epic movie)

And after hearing them talked, i just pulled the tarp closer and tighter around us, closed my eyes, held my daughter and things were frozen and silent for awhile after that. 

Later on, while still in post trauma, i had this psychic vision, the warehouse workers were picking up some stuff in their trucks before they returned to the warehouse, SO some of the palace inhabitants (the ones who wants to kill anyone who used to live in the palace) overheard and thought it would be a good idea to follow them and check it out. 

I jolted up when i got the vision, and again i carried my daughter and ran around the warehouse looking for doors that could be opened and for us to hide in. Finally one opened, and the credits started to roll….

As the player, i had entered this dark warehouse that seemed familiar… I HAD GOTTEN BACK TO WHERE MY GAME ORIGINALLY STARTED. (Obv, i dont remember the start of my dreams, but somehow it was made obvious this was where the nightmare started) 

As the credits rolled by the side, i was going through the warehouse, and there were resident evil boss-type ghost roaring at me and hindering my run throughout ever corner, Ruvik’s spider-ish sister…

Ruvik’s amalgamation of his sister after the tragedy.

But all this was post game, intended to show the player ‘ Ooops you went right back where you started. ‘ like it was some sick twist.


I’m not even kidding, i woke up and was super amped to go google what the whole game meant (whilst thinking it was the oulast game) But then i realised holy crap, i made up that whole game myself! Major annoyance i can’t remember the whole thing.

Also, does this dream say anything about my character or my mental state of mind? eeeeekk. 

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