Alright, let’s dive right in!

1.Bob’s Burgersbobs_burgers_s05e17_still

This show is so epic funny, thanks so much to Alvin for introducing it to me because i LOVE their jokes, and i am totally Louise Belcher soooo. Plus, i love their home-brewed songs! So catchy! OH AND BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS HAVE COMEDIANS GUEST STARRING, WHICH IS DAMN FUN FOR ME TO GUESS WHO IT IS BASED ON THE VOICE!

2. The Walking Deadtwds7header

errr, duhh? but i have to admit, my feelings on twd are cooling off a bit thanks to me myself and I, spoiling every episode in advance for myself by going on to the spoiling dead Facebook page every time. It makes each episode less jing cai. I already know who is gonna get lucille-d in this line-up.

3. Veepveep-reasons-04-16x9-2

Starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tony Hale, Matt Walsh, Reid Scott, Anna Chlumsky, Timothy Simons, Gary Cole, Kevin Dunn & Sam Richardson.

What could i possibly say that can encapsulate the magnificence of JLD? I don’t know but i am gonna try. She is talented, she is funny, she is quick, she works hard to deliver the perfect comedic moment, she is beautiful, she is classy. At 55 years old, she is shattering glass ceilings, proving women in their 50’s can still ascend higher than ever in the industry & can also be extremely funny! So much respect.

ANYWAYS, Veep ended off season 5 with Selina Meyer (JLD) losing the presidency to Laura Montez and the fate of all the cast members hoisted into the unknown, it should be fun to see how Selina adjusts to this loss, and how she’ll worm her way back into politics (considering how she screwed everyone in DC whilst trying to secure her presidency or if she even wants back in).


4. Scream Queensscream-queens-1

Why? because: Funny, Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Billie Lourd (whom is insanely hilarious, i prefer her deadpan humour as compared to Aubrey Plaza’s), background music & cinematography. All AWESOME.

5. Orange is the New Black (OITNB)o-oitnb-cast-facebook

First off, I started watching OITNB because Ruby Rose is SO BEAUTIFUL (got nothing on laura prepon though), but was so disappointed that her part was barely substantial. Either ways, this show is a gem.

I love how raw the show is, it isn’t sexy like prison break (a show i also like though), but much like twd, its about survival. I literally can’t even get into all the wonderful things about OITNB because there is simply too MUCH (not many, MUCH) and i do not want to short change anything, so i highly recommend watching it. Season 4 ended so painfully haunting, and somehow after re-watching the finale many times, my heart still pounds hard at the last moments (no, i do not have tachycardia). I am so excited for its return which is about…. a year from now. so that’s super exciting……………………………………………………

Sad thing is no one seems to like the shows i like, everyone is into korean/chinese dramas, i don’t know why i seem to deviate so far from others. :/ So, purpleoysters will be a great place to get all my feelings off my chest after watching my shows!

Until then, adios amigos!



  1. HELL yes to Bob’s Burger! You seem like quite the fan, would you be interested in sharing your thoughts on all things movies, tv and games with our readers on


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