The Butterfly Effect

Recently, i got super hooked on pewdiepie’s horror gameplays because it’s so fun to watch plus i don’t have to go through the STRESS of playing it myself. weak, right?

SO, it all started because of the OUTLAST gameplay, which is currently my favourite, because the pacing was good,the horror,tension and jumpscares were awesome, the story was great too and PDP is so funny! Mildly crass and he also says what i’m thinking sometimes? HA!

BUT, today i wanted to talk about this game called UNTIL DAWN…


Until Dawn centres around a group of eight teenagers who decide to vacation for a night in a cabin on Blackwood Mountain, one year after the disappearance of two girls, who the eight friends were acquainted with. Shortly after arriving, the gang find themselves under attack by a psychopath & mutant cannibals that inhabit the mountain. They must attempt to survive until sunrise.


  1. The graphics are so mindblowingly great! (as you can see from the picture above)
  2. The story was so intriguing!
  3. The gore isn’t constantly there, but when it happens its freaking horrible.
  4. The characters in the game are modelled to look exactly like their voice actors. COOL!
  5. Hayden Panettiere

This game’s attraction point is how its focused on the butterfly effect, during the game you will make various choices that will change the outcome of the story,e.g. choosing to pick up an item will later lead to another character’s demise. IT IS CRAZY, BUT IT GOT MY MIND DRIVING ABOUT EVERYTHING I DO, AND HOW IT COULD CHANGE EVERYTHING. Hmm…


I prepared my outfit for today last night, and left my house 5 minutes earlier, boarded the bus and arrived at my destination and somehow bumped into my husband to be who would later go on to be part of a ponzi scheme and left all the evidence pointing to a dumbfounded me when the police arrive and i could land in jail .


I forgot that i lost my bus pass and had to search for my spare one, so i left my house late, and boarded the next bus and arrived at my destination late, so i had to run after alighting from the bus and bumped into someone, injuring them and having to reimburse their medical bills, then in a few days the rent could be due and i am short the amount of money and end up evicted onto the streets, contract dysentery and die.


If i hadn’t left my house at all, because i would later on receive a call that the interview was cancelled last minute, i would have stayed at home and…

Frankly, the butterfly effect is like a domino thing, where your actions affect another and theirs affect another in the most micro way but could change something really big. There are SOO many possibilities. A tiny thing, could change something so dramatically…

That middle aged woman you see working out at the gym alone everyday for the past 6 months, so one day you decide to strike up a conversation with her since you always see her but never talked before, that extra 7 minutes you spent talking to her, happened just when her husband at home had a heart attack and she did not get home in time to call for the ambulance and save him, leaving her utterly distraught, turning her into a deadbeat, alcoholic mother who starts abusing and starving her 3 year old son, ultimately killing him. And it all started with your polite intentions, if you had not talked to her, her husband could still be alive and her son could go on to be successful entrepreneur. Oh, how things changed! (UPDATE: i based this example on a person my mom meets in the morning during her exercise, i just found out that a week after this post, her husband did pass away. RIP)

I know my ‘stories’ are a little dark, but i just thought it would be a better way to go to amplify the magnitude of the butterfly effect. Now, i can’t stop thinking about everything i do…


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