My New Nintendo 3DS XL


ARGH! I FINALLY GOT IT. THIS IS MY NEW NINTENDO 3DS XL (WHITE).Its so pretty with the pink matte eevee cover! Its like a thick piece of chocolate. Hahaha!
So i recently got it, and it totalled up to about 500+ dollars! I only got like 4 games ): cause nintendo games are so insanely expensive! Gonna have to find cheaper ways to get games!

So far, i love playing mario kart the most, its super cute! My biggest con would probably be the horrible graphics, after getting so used to smartphones, consoles look like shit. LOL. But its good for boring long rides and waiting!
Its actually kinda bought on impulse, i somehow didnt think it all the way through or rather DID NOT want to think it all the way through. So often, i think things really deeply and always justify not going through with it, esp when it comes to spending money, bleah! So i decided to shut my brain for this! I FEEL BAD. BUT SINCE ITS ALR BOUGHT I MIGHT AS WELL MAKE THE BEST OF IT. Ooooh, #lifemotto. Okay, time for some big bang theory!

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