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when i was younger i saw my daddy cry and curse at the wind….JKJKJKJK i was typing and couldn’t helped but think of the song (lyrics of the only exception) OKAY, When i was younger, i loved to read, the most prominent memory is reading Mr Midnight and A Series of Unfortunate Events, (Lemony Snicket,the… Continue reading Short | Reading



Alright, let’s dive right in! 1.Bob’s Burgers This show is so epic funny, thanks so much to Alvin for introducing it to me because i LOVE their jokes, and i am totally Louise Belcher soooo. Plus, i love their home-brewed songs! So catchy! OH AND BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS HAVE COMEDIANS GUEST STARRING, WHICH IS DAMN… Continue reading SHOWS I CAN’T WAIT TO RETURN


NYP: Final Year Project – UTI

This is another report from my dear friend! Its great, so enjoy! Oh, and i learnt something, do not, i repeat DO NOT MAKE POSTERS AT BRAS BASAH, the one near raffles hotel and the national library, major scam, i do not know which store exactly, but why go all the way and risk it… Continue reading NYP: Final Year Project – UTI


NYP: Final Year Project- Heart Failure

TAKEN ON OUR LAST DAY @ NYP SCL Pharmaceutical ScienceĀ  This is my final year project (FYP) at NYP on heart failure, i always wanted to put it out into the web because i remember being so frustrated that i could not find examples/guidelines on how to write the report and basically no one except… Continue reading NYP: Final Year Project- Heart Failure

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My New Nintendo 3DS XL

ARGH! I FINALLY GOT IT. THIS IS MY NEW NINTENDO 3DS XL (WHITE).Its so pretty with the pink matte eevee cover! Its like a thick piece of chocolate. Hahaha! So i recently got it, and it totalled up to about 500+ dollars! I only got like 4 games ): cause nintendo games are so insanely… Continue reading My New Nintendo 3DS XL