Sunshine Blogger Award

Awhile ago, Oxria nominated me for this and I had only noticed it recently!  Thank you for this, it means a lot because I'm so inspired by the content and creatives of your blog! In case yall don't already know, she has a well designed (she does all her designs herself) blog that she is …

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LUSH Haul!

One (well, a few) amazing things in the EU was LUSH PRODUCTS at a significantly cheaper price. In Singapore, Lush is so extremely overpriced and expensive, whilst in London, they were essentially drugstore priced. YES YES YES YES. I finally get to try this much raved after brand.Everything I got, I only regret not getting …

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Off to London Gatwick!

Bag packing... Sooooo, I was in Europe (London - Amsterdam - Brighton - Liverpool - London). I started planning with my friend Charis since 2017 September/October and finally 10th April was here and I couldn't even believe it. I had a 15 hour plane flight on Norweigian airlines and I made sure to eat clean …

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