Best Games Evaaaaa

Now, I'm not an avid gamer or anything but I do enjoy them from time to time like a normal person. Games with great stories really resonate with me because the amount of strings that needs to be perfectly pulled to evoke such a resonance towards it is commendation worthy. The games I play more …

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Work @ the carnival πŸŽͺ

13 March 2018.🎟 πŸŽͺΒ πŸŽ† I was in school, listening to another weird boring lecture about advertising when suddenly my phone LED started to blink pink. IT WAS MISS TAY, asking me to go to work later at the carnival from 630-1030 because her partner couldn't make it. It was so random and out of the …

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Mom’s bday

It was my mom's birthday early feb and to celebrate I took her to swiss cafe, one of my favorite buffet places. It was chinese new year so they had orange plants out and DIY lo hei. Here are some pictures just to commemorate it.Β bread stationmake your own laksachicken and fishlo heiseafoodscallop, mussels, clams, porkbelly, …

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