Chinese Woof Year (the week)

So, I just wanted to write about the days leading up to and after Chinese New Year (CNY), even though its not really special for me like most others, which is what makes it so weird! Monday 12 Had school in the morning, same as usual. Afternoon I got to gym with my nice before …

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Short | Childlike Enthusiasm

This post is inspired by a person i met at the start of 2018. So, there are two qualities that i have always really wanted. One of them is to be genuine, challenging everything that was ingrained in me due to the socio-environment i grew up in and everything I'm learning as an independent thinker. …

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New-in Beauty

Its been a really long time since I did anything under the 'Amusement' category, with most of my post central on experiences and daily life etc. But now time for a simpler post! Maybelline X Gigi Hadid Collection Lipsticks in Austyn, Taura, Erin. The packaging is gorgeous. Millennial pink with holographic/gold font.I love these lipsticks, …

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